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PostSubject: Some rules and info...   Some rules and info... Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2007 10:51 am


First post, dare I make a suggestion about the site?
This looks like a good set up so I'd hate to see it go the same way as other boards. Ok here they are!

1. LINKS - No external links to their sites, other than sets that have been uploaded by the poster eg, rapidshare, megarotic, megaupload etc.
That way you can eliminate spam immediately without having to click on the link.
Posts are perfect... some preview pictures and a link to the full set.
If you dont have the full set, fine, just download the pics from the set you found and post them on the forum.

2. UPLOADS - The use of specific sites for upload reasons. Both for sets and for images. I suggest Imagevenue or Shareapic, im sure there are others though.
I suggest Imagevenue, thats always worked for me, im sure there are others though.
No posting of "fake" photos in HQ Celebs. You know the ones... "heres Beyonce doing DP kind of stuff." No it isn't! Its some skank with Beyonces head photoshopped onto it. It's just a rubbish post. So dont do it there, post them in funny pics if you want it than.

3. REQUESTS - As above, a picture should be posted when requesting a name or more sets of someone. A link to a photo is just lazy. If you want someone to help you, the least you can do is post a photo.
Also, don't request anything to be sent to you by email. These posts will be edited or deleted.

4. MOVIES - When posting a link to a movie you have uploaded, screencaps are a must. Whos going to download a blind link? Go find the programme Imagegrabber II and download it. Play your movie through Imagegrabber II and take screencaps using that (Screencaps should usually have a minimum of 15 photos, maximum of 35 or it just gets messy). You then upload the screencap to an image hosting site and copy and paste into your thread. Et voilą, screencaps.

5. THANKS - If you view a nice thread and download anything off it, even 1 picture, say thanks to the poster. It only takes a couple of seconds. Especially movies, they can take hours to upload, why should the poster bother if no ones showing any gratitude? The more thanks you give, the more uploads you get... you will see, you can't lose! Its quite simple. Lets make this a community, leave comments, a bit of banter even, but always keep it friendly.

6. REMARKS - No referring to any woman posted on this site in a derogatory term (for example, "bitch", "slut", "whore", "cunt", etc,...)
Sure, some models and porn stars don't mind some of these words and use them in their pics and videos and I'll let it slide if I see it there, but from this point on, if I see any users using those words to refer to any model I'll edit or remove the post entirely.
Let's be respectful even if we don't like their work!

Do not slag off other members posts. If you dont like it either don't post, or say something like "not my type, but thanks". You risk being banned if you do this.

Lets keep the site clean from the start please, thank you all.


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Some rules and info...
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