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 Jessica Simpson

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PostSubject: Jessica Simpson   Jessica Simpson Icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2007 11:01 am

Jessica Simpsons got the girls all propped up. This is what John Mayer is reportedly lovin these days.

Jessica Simpson Th_85611_Jessica_Simpson_01_122_503lo

Jessica Simpson messed up Dolly Partonís song Nine to Five, forgetting the lyrics at the Kennedy Center Honors. And despite rumors of Jessica being nervous, or even a dress malfunction I know the real reason. She probably looked down and got a load of that giant rack and got light headed, hell I just got up off the floor. Seriously are those breast for real. Looks like Jessica Simpson is trying to upstage Dolly Parton.

Jessica Simpson Th_85612_Jessica_Simpson_02_122_816lo

Jessica Simpsons boobs get a lot of attention. They are deceptively large. And you couldnít ask for a better look then these braless side boob shots. Very Lindsay Lohan-esque if you ask me. Two more after the jump.

Jessica Simpson Th_85621_Jessica_Simpson_03_122_414lo Jessica Simpson Th_85625_Jessica_Simpson_04_122_998lo Jessica Simpson Th_85630_Jessica_Simpson_05_122_665lo


Jessica Simpson Th_93160_Jessica_Simpson_06_122_485lo Jessica Simpson Th_93161_Jessica_Simpson_07_122_783lo

In red dress

Jessica Simpson Th_93166_Jessica_Simpson_08_122_587lo


Jessica Simpson Th_93167_Jessica_Simpson_09_122_1061lo

See Trough

Jessica Simpson Th_33434_Jessica_Simpson_01_122_1019lo

Jessica Simpson TO

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Jessica Simpson
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